Children Cakes


My daughter asked for a Frozen cake for her 5th birthday. But due to the gazillion other Frozen cakes out there it was hard to make something different. I decided to do a more colorful cake than the normal white and blue. On the left side we have Anna and summer and on the right Elsa and winter. The top tier has Elsa's magic swirls in purple, Sofia's favorite color.

Mario Kart 8

This cake is very dear to my heart, is my very first Icing Smiles cake. I made it for a very special boy, Bryceon. He was turning 8 and he loves to play the game too, perfect combination for his birthday cake. I loved making this cake and bringing a little happiness to a sweet boy was the best part of all.

My Little Pony

This cake was made for the 2D topper tutorial. I designed it thinking of my daughter and the things she loves.

Thank you Teacher! 

This cake was to thank my children's teacher for all the great work she did this year. I decorated it with all the things she taught them along the year. It has letters, shapes and the funny puppets she uses to sing "slippery fish".

Lucia's Baby Shower

My first niece was on her way so what else is for an exited aunt to do but make her a pretty cake for her baby shower. The design was inspired by the lovely decoration on the baby shower and the polka dots are wafer paper, love how they look even on the surface of the cake.


A happy cake for my happy little nephew who turned two. Inspired by Oliver the monkey.

Yosemite Sam

To celebrate my dad's b-day and his inner child I made this cake featuring his all time favorite Yosemite Sam. He was trilled when he saw it.


A whimsical cake for my daughter's 4th birthday. She loved the cake and was so happy to have all of her little doll friends siting on top of her cake.


My son just loves Lightning McQueen and all of the other characters from the world of Cars, so the theme for his 2nd birthday cake was a no-brainer.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West  

My son's favorite show is Sheriff Callie's Wild West and his favorite character is deputy Peck. This was the perfect theme for his 3rd birthday cake. I spent some time making it, but the look on he's face when he saw it made it all worth it.

Yoyo & Hoops

My husband's birthday was coming up and I hadn't decided the theme for his cake. One day while we were at a Hallmark's store I saw Yoyo & Hoops, those funny guys on the e-cards my husband used to send me when when we were only friends and while we're dating. That's it, something that he wouldn't expect, perfect!

Casa Della Tires

When your nephew is going to be named Luigi, nothing better than Casa Della Tires from the world of Cars to celebrate his baby shower.

Hello Kitty

A Hello Kitty cake for my daughter in her 3rd birthday. I made Kitty as a 2D topper using modeling chocolate with the same technique I used with Yosemite Sam.