Sculpted Cakes

Moving Rubik's Cube

For my sister's 40th birthday I wanted to surprise her with a special cake with some of her childhood favorite toys. The pocket Simon, the snoopy and the nintendo controller are modeling chocolate. I used my 2D Topper technique to make them, witch helped me achieve a very realistic look on the pocket Simon and the controller. I came up with a very easy technique to make the cake move and now you can make it too, just head over to the shop and get your copy of the tutorial.

Makeup Case

My sister loves makeup, so I decided to make this makeup case  cake for her birthday. 

The B&W stripes are inspired by the colors of Sephora and the shadows, brushes and lipsticks replicate MAC products. Except for the lid, everything in this cake was edible. This cake became so popular that I was contacted my Cake Masters Magazine to make the tutorial for it. Now you can get your own copy on my shop.


My sweet Sofia turned 6 and I had to make her favorite cake. This year the theme was Shopkins, all of you who have little girls at home know exactly what I'm talking about. She was so happy when she saw all her favorite Shopkins about ten times bigger! 

he shopping bag is all cake covered in modeling chocolate and the characters are modeling chocolate as well.

The Wizard of Oz

This cake was specially made for a good friend, myself! I love The Wizard of Oz!

You may be wondering where the ruby slippers are. Well I didn't have much time so I represent them with the red sparkling ribbon and bow around the base of the bottom tier. Each character is also represented by the achievements they made: a medal for the courageous lion, a heart shaped clock for the tin man, a diploma for the brainy scarecrow and a one way ballon ride home for Dorothy.  

Chibi Hulk

Samuel turned 4 and he loves the Hulk and says all the time "Hulk Smash"! What else could his birthday cake be but the Hulk and to make it cuter a Chibi Hulk! 
I had some trouble with my modeling chocolate and the heat, it was the hottes week ever here in Torrance, but I finished on time.

Sewing Kit

This cake was for my sweet mom who makes the most beautiful things with her sewing machine! For this cake I used the same structure as in the make makeup case cake and all the pieces are hand made and edible.