Tools (not intended for cakes that made their way to my kitchen)

This Bubble Tea Straws are great for doweling your cakes. These inexpensive and easy to cut straws provide good support for the upper tiers. With the right amount and distribution you're all set!

This is one of my secrets to make any type of pattern. This material is inexpensive, easy to cut and durable, allowing you to reuse your patterns multiple times.

This cutting mat is fantastic for all my projects. I use it to roll out small pieces of fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate and it works perfectly. Moreover, it protects your table or counter whenever you cut with the x-acto knife or scalpel.

This tool is one that I couldn't live without. I use it extensively for my geometric designs when I cut all my lines, ribbons, etc. This ruler is see-thru so it makes cutting several lines of the same width a breeze. 


These two are perfect for making clean cuts with no dragging and no ripping. For smaller things the scalpel works better. The blades will eventually get damaged producing ragged cuts. When this happens just replace the blades and you're ready to go.

I use these boards to store and move around small pieces of modeling chocolate and fondant that I have cut for my designs. It serves two purposes; firstly it reduces direct manipulation and all the problems that come with it (melting and deformation). Secondly, by using these boards you prevent your material from drying out too quickly when you cover your pieces with another board, or stack them as I do to save some space.

This bench scraper is perfect for putting on the final coat of buttercream or ganache to your cake. The secret is in the handle. Since it doesn't extends out of the scraper length, you can place the short edge on the turn table (it won't wobble) to produce straight edges with less effort. I just love it!

With this Mini-Razor Blade Scraper you can handle your Single-edge razor blade with ease. It provides you with more surface to grab your blade making your cuts more precise. I use a lot on my projects to cut stripes and circles in half as Jessica Harris does in her Craftsy classes.

This extruder is extremely useful for extruding ropes, bordes and even hair for your figures. it has 20 different discs to choose from so it can be used for many projects. It works best with very soft fondant, so you have to condition it first with vegetable shortening before placing it inside the extruder.

This little containers are perfect for making paint with your luster or petal dusts. Just add some vodka, stir, paint and put the lid on once you're finished. This way you can store any leftover for later use. Petal dusts and lusters are expensive, so don't waste your time and money, just add more vodka the next time and you're all set.

This bottles are commonly used to work with candy melts, but I use them for a different purpose. I store vodka in one of them and have a drink when cakes get rough, ha ha ha... just kidding. I use one to control the amount of vodka I add to turn my dusts into paint and the other to moisturize my cakes with simple syrup. 

Unless you want the fondant to stick to your work surface, sprinkling the second before rolling out the first is a must. I use a mix of powder sugar and corn starch and this little container is perfect for the job. Just be careful to not turn it all the way or you'll have a ton of powder.