Spinning cakes are a formidable way to impress your guests with something that's beautiful and fun at the same time. Just imagine how cool it is to have a cake you can interact with and reconfigure so you can get up to 16 different cakes -or 64 different sides- with just a few spins.

I made a moving Rubik's cube cake for my sister's birthday and posted a video of the cake a year ago. The response was off the charts and everyone wanted to know how I did it, that's how the Moving Rubik's Cube cake tutorial came to be. This year I surprised my sister with another rotating birthday cake, this time with characters from her all time favorite Peanuts.

A rotating cake is lots of fun to have in your party, but it's also fun to make and easy too. You can learn to make your own rotating cake with the simple technique I teach in my new video tutorial. Once you master the technique it's all up to your creativity. You can use the lovely dolls provided in the tutorial or you can feature your favorite characters from Peanuts, Star Wars, Barbie, Lego or Avengers... or you can simply mix and match faces placing eyes in the top tier, nose in the middle and mouth in the bottom tier... the possibilities are endless!

Rotating Doll Cake Tutorial

AuthorIrina Salazar
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For my sister's 40th birthday I wanted to surprise her with a special cake, one with some of her favorite toys. That's why I decided to make her a Rubik's cube, a pocket simon, a nintendo controller and her all time favorite snoopy. 

The pocket Simon, the snoopy and the nintendo controller are modeling chocolate. I used my 2D Topper technique to make them, witch helped me achieve a very realistic look on the pocket Simon and the controller. 

I have a little secret to make the Rubik's Cube rotate, the best part is that you don't need any special equipment to make this possible. Just head over to my shop and get a copy of the tutorial, in it I'll show you how to cover and assemble your cake from start to finish, it also includes a template that will help you make your cube as realistic as possible. Use the coupon code "20off" to get a 20% discount on your purchase (Valid until July 09 2016). 

Now you can impress everyone with this moving Rubik's Cube cake.

AuthorIrina Salazar